A Guide to Caravanning With Pets

Travelling with your furry companion does not need to be a hassle. Learn the secrets to a seamless caravan holiday with our comprehensive guide. 

Before You Set Off…

Make sure that you are fully equipped with the right knowledge and equipment before embarking on your next caravan holiday. Here are some things you can consider when caravanning with pets:

  1. Pet Friendly Caravan Sites

Ensure that the caravan site you have chosen is pet friendly, in order to avoid any complications with other visitors or the site owner. There are many dog-friendly caravan sites available to choose from! This is a simple and easy measure so that your holiday can be executed smoothly.

  1. Insurance

Typically, insurance for your caravan does not cover the damage caused by pets. As you will know, pets can be unpredictable, causing tears into your beloved possessions. Caravanning with dogs and other pets can equate to unforeseen consequences. Insurance is certainly a factor to consider to avoid incurring high unexpected costs.

  1. Pack Appropriately

Be efficient with your packing in order to achieve the best experience. For instance, packing each daily portion of your pet’s food in a separate sandwich bag is a great way to save you hassle during food time! 

Ensure to also bring a water bowl – this is essential to caravanning with pets, and will be required frequently. Taking waste bags is imperative to avoid your animal’s waste being disruptive to the setting and other visitors. 

  1. Pack Well

Aside from being savvy with your packing, make sure you pack all the necessary items as well. When going on caravan holidays with dogs and cats, cooling mats will be most helpful during the summer time. You may consider also bringing specially allocated towels for wet walks, puppy tents and dog beds.

  1. Increase Sensory Familiarity

Generally, new settings can bring about anxiety for your pet. Cats in particular can be heavily disturbed by an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to familiarise your pet with the caravan/motorhome prior to travel. 

Having a few sessions with your pet by simply sitting with them in the caravan and allowing them to explore the interior is a great way for them to get comfortable. Of course, once your pet is comfortable, you will be too! 

Continuing from our previous packing tips, make sure to bring some toys and objects that remind your pet of home. Cats and dogs are very receptive to sensory stimulations, so having items which they have associated with comfort is a great way to alleviate anxiety. 

  1. Precautionary measures

It is important that your pet is fully healthy prior to your travels, as being exposed to a new environment will inevitably make them more vulnerable. Make sure to check that all of your pet’s vaccinations (e.g. fleas and worms) are up to date. If not, prioritise vaccinating your pet immediately!

Here is a list of authorised vaccinations for dogs. 

Of course, taking all these precautions only for your pet to go missing on the holiday would be devastating. In order to increase the security of your pet, make sure that it is chipped. It may be worth considering getting a special collar for your pet as well – having your contact details and address clearly etched on will help reduce the chance of your pet going missing. 

During the Holiday

Congratulations – you have carefully prepared yourself and your pet sufficiently for the holiday! However, looking out for your pet is an ongoing process and these are some things you must consider:

  1. Respecting Other Visitors

In order to make the experience pleasant for you and other visitors, ensure that your pet does not cross any boundaries. A small trick could be attaching your pet to a long (non-extendable) leash. This method will bring your pet’s best interests and other visitors into a balance. Thus, your pet will have the agency to roam and explore the new setting, without crossing other people’s territory. Equally, you will no longer have to be as worried that your pet will go missing.

Some sites, in particular dog-friendly caravan sites, will have specially allocated zones for  your pets. Make sure to use this when possible to avoid disruption to other visitors.

  1. Establish safe zones

As soon as you arrive at the caravan site, establish zones in which your pet can and cannot enter. Allocating a designated area for your pet, with all their toys and familiar objects in one space can help them establish a sense of comfort sooner. Equally, make sure to restrict your pet from areas which can cause a hazard. 

Most noticeably, keep your pet away from the kitchen, as we all know that human food can have detrimental effects on animals. Also, keep your pet away from the bathroom, since there are many chemicals in our products which are toxic to them. 

  1. Maintain Constant Ventilation

Your pets are easily disturbed by uncomfortable temperatures. For example, high temperatures can cause your pet to become easily distressed, which will ultimately translate into trouble for you! 

Make sure that your caravan is kept at a constant and comfortable temperature at all times. Simple measures like opening a window briefly during the summer heat is an easy way to navigate this issue. 

  1. Have fun!

Don’t get overly caught up in thinking about the logistics of your holiday. Remember, caravanning with your dogs and cats is also a time for you to relax, and to bond with your furry friend. 

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