Four Caravans, A Wedding, and Now a Redline Campervan Conversion

Having been established over 50 years, we see many customers returning time and time again to purchase a new vehicle. A great example of returning customers are the self-proclaimed “caravan mad” Butler family who have just purchased a new Redline Trekker.

Over the past 14 years as customers, the couple have purchased four caravans from us, got married, had their daughter, and have now purchased the Redline Trekker to use as a tow vehicle and to use for adventures of its own.

It’s fair to say James and Katy Butler have a unique relationship with camping and caravanning, and with Venture Caravans too, so it’s great to see them in the newest Redline model.

Meeting through their love of caravanning

Meeting in a unique way, the couple first encountered each other on the letters page of the Caravan Club (now known as the Caravan and Motorhome Club). Three months later, Katy moved from South Wales to live with James and just six weeks after that, the couple bought their first caravan together from Venture Caravans.

Since then, it has been a life of caravanning and camping for the couple and their young daughter. First of all there was a caravan themed wedding, then there was the honeymoon in the caravan, and of course there have been a lot of caravan trips, including many skiing holidays.

Arctic Circle Explorers

Possibly the most inspirational caravan trips the couple have made though, have been their trips to the Arctic Circle. Trips that have been well documented on their Facebook group, Wobble Boxers Unhitched, and their Facebook page, Arctic Circle Caravanning.

Visiting in spring, summer and winter on three separate occasions, the Arctic Circle trips saw the couple and their young daughter covering over 5500 miles each time and travelling through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The trips have also seen them taking their pet cats along too, and the winter Arctic Circle trip saw them caravanning in temperatures right down to -26℃.

James admits that they are a bit “caravan mad” but followed this by saying they “love the freedom, views and variety of holidays” a leisure vehicle can give them. We know this is going to continue with their new Redline conversion. Of course, they won’t be getting rid of their caravan just yet but they will be using it in conjunction with their new VW Transporter.

Why a VW Transporter campervan conversion?

Posting on their Wobble Boxers Unhitched Facebook group, the couple had the following to say about the reasons for choosing their new vehicle and their reasons for choosing Venture and Redline:

“So why a VW van? Simple really! Ish! We needed something newer to tow the caravan. But what do we go for? Spec required had to be; 4×4, reliable, proven to be tough, big boot, decent payload, no silly high road tax, well known around Europe, especially in Sweden for repairs if any crop up, adaptable for engine block heaters etc, easy to source winter tyres.

This is when Venture lured us in with their brand new model they have started making. Their Trekker version. Pop top with a rock and roll bed on rails. No kitchen so a day van type arrangement. When we went along it was a 2 wheel drive with a small engine. No good for us. But the sales chap called Webby, who we have dealt with 4 times before and was the first person outside our family to hold our daughter as a baby, said to us, “we have a 4 motion van in blue we haven’t converted yet.”
Every time these guys pull the rabbit out the hat!

14 years we have been Venture Caravan customers. This is our 5th vehicle we have bought from them. Every time the experience has been smooth, no stress, no hard sales pitch. Just all done at our own pace. And the craftsmanship the guys have done in house to fit windows and the pop top etc is amazing. Very skilled people.”

We are extremely happy that the Butler family has chosen Venture Caravans again and we are looking forward to seeing where they head on their next adventure!

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