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Different But More Of The Same

Different But More Of The Same
How we are improving our online service.

A few months ago something unusual happened here at Venture. We had a lull. Things are usually so busy here that we often only see each other in passing. It’s rare we get some down time, even rarer that we have time to chat and we never get a lull where we are all relatively free. On this rare occasion we all found ourselves with a short break and a cup of tea in hand and we started to discuss how we communicate to our current, and our new customers; and how we could improve our service to you. As we chatted we noticed that we were all using electronic communication more and more because our customers were using it more and more. Right there and then we took a decision; we are going to make ourselves as available to you as possible.

You are going to see a few changes to the way we talk to you here at Venture. There is an old saying ‘the more things change, the more things stay the same’ which is very appropriate for what we are going to be doing. We are not taking anything away, we are adding to our existing service.

The world of social media and the Internet is important to many of us these days. We can be sitting outside the van in a field in some remote area and still be in touch. Similarly the information we have at our fingertips on smart phones and portable devices is frankly amazing. So our question was how do we use these things to provide our customers with better service? Well, partly we would like you to help and tell us what you would like to see but some things were clear from the start. So here are some of the changes we have been, and will be putting in place.

  • Social Media – Over the last couple of months we have become more active on Twitter and Facebook. We want to use the social media world to keep in touch with you from serious issues through to things that make you smile.
  • Website content – We will be looking at what we currently have on our site and improving it so that you can be better informed.
  • Articles – Our new site will feature a regularly updated set of these articles that we will gradually build into a knowledge base of hints tips and helpful advice.

These are just some of the things we will be doing to keep in touch and help you enjoy your caravanning more.

So is there a catch for all this free information and extra service? Well actually yes, a couple of small ones. All we would like you to do is follow us on Twitter and join our community on Facebook. Secondly would you do us a small favour? Have a think about these articles and if you have time comment here or through our Facebook page and tell us what you would like to see. Our plans at the moment include

  • Guides for people new to the pastime.
  • Practical hints and tips for those regular niggles and problems.
  • Site reviews and local attraction guides.
  • New technology and products.
  • Shows and gatherings.

Have we missed anything? If we have, drop us a line with what you would like to read in these posts.

Oh, and of course you can also look at our helpful video content on our youtube pages.

So, as I said earlier, it’s all change here at Venture in terms of our online presence so does all this mean that we will become another faceless supplier with no human contact? Never, not in a million years. The old service level is still there. If you want to call us, just call us. If you want to drop by and chat through your needs, drop by and we will be as happy to see you as we always have been. These are changes to give you more not take anything away.

Here at Venture we have always been really proud of our service. If you look at our testimonials they are frequently about how much extra we gave in terms of care and attention to detail. That is something we will never change.
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