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Thinking Of Caravanning?

Thinking Of Caravanning?
5 questions to help you choose your van.

If you are thinking of buying a caravan or motorhome you probably have an image in your head of the perfect caravanning moment. For some people it is probably a picture of early morning cups of hot tea in the fresh air, or watching the kids (or grandkids) kick a football around on the grass to the sound of wood pigeon calling to each other with nothing else to see but fields. For others the caravan may support another hobby such as bird watching, or visiting festivals and events, and the caravan may be that welcoming place to relax at the end of the day. People new to caravanning tend to have this rather idealised view of what it’s like to own a van. Actually, for the most part, a caravan will provide you with these perfect moments. It will also need servicing and some TLC now and again (which we will cover in later articles) but yes, the simple truth is, caravanning is fun and relaxing.

Before you take the leap into ownership, we suggest you stop and ask yourself these 5 questions though.

  1. Realistically, what am I going to use the van for? For example, do you have intentions of being away nearly every weekend or have you retired and intend on long vacations? If so then you may want to consider a little more luxury, but if the main use of the van is sleeping and cooking while you are at an event, something small and functional will probably do the job.
  2. Speaking of small, can your current car handle towing a caravan? I know it sounds obvious but seek advice on the size of your car and the van you intend to buy. Oh, and remember the tow bar can vary in price and function as well. You may also need to check your current licence covers towing.
  3. How many berths do you need? If you have a growing family of your own (or intend to share the van with your close family and friends) you may want to consider an extra berth to compensate for any other kind of births that may come along.
  4. Can I afford it? This is not just about the initial cost of the van. Remember you will also need everything from televisions to tea trays to go in your new acquisition. It will also need servicing and the occasional running repair. Accessories and running costs are a fact of life and you need to budget for them.
  5. Are you buying from a reputable source with good sales, and after sales service? If you are new to ownership, as with any high value purchase, you will probably want the comfort of knowing that your dealer is competent, experienced and above all prepared to support you through buying and ownership.

Buying a caravan or motorhome is a big investment but done right it is something that will give you years, sometimes decades, of pleasure. The important thing is that you make the right choice in the first place.

In the end though you will probably need to talk this through with people. Find someone who owns a caravan and ask them what it is really like. Call us or drop in and we will be happy to talk to you about it and let you see a few vans with no pressure to buy. Mull it over, it’s a big decision but we can and will be happy to make sure you make the right choice whether that means one of the smaller Adria Alteas vans, something more luxurious like the Baily Unicorns, a low cost pre-owned van or, if we think it is the best for you, maybe waiting a little while before making your decision.

That last point is very important. Whether you choose to buy from Venture or from another dealer the final decision must be yours. Beware of high-pressure sales and once in a lifetime offers. Make a decision based on good advice, budget and affordability and, above all else, getting the right van for you.
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