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Trailer tents are a comfy and cost-effective alternative for the keen camper who doesn’t want to splurge on a caravan or motorhome. Here at Venture, we stock a range of high-quality Cabanon canvas trailer tents to suit every camping occasion. They’re available in sizes from 2 berth to 6 berth, making them suitable for couples and families alike.

As an exclusive UK retailer of Cabanon trailer tents, we stock the latest models and offer an extended warranty, so you can look forward to many years of holidaying. We take great pride in our excellent customer service, so call us or pop into one of our showrooms today to browse our trailer tents and find the perfect pitch for your next adventure.

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Cabanon Trailer Tents

Established over sixty years ago Cabanon manufactures the highest-quality tents and trailer tents. Cabanon trailer tents are 100% made in France and sold throughout Europe and beyond.

Cabanon uses only the best technical fabrics which are subject to rigorous testing and control for waterproofness, breathability and rotproofness, so their trailer tents have a very long lifespan when properly cared for. The Cabanon range features a great choice of traditional frame tents as well as pyramid and tunnel tents.

Cabanon trailer tents have a light, yet safe, trailer body, making them easy to tow even in small and electric cars. Once on site, the clever assembling system means that in no time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the large off-the-ground beds and spacious living area with even an integrated kitchen. All of these features, coupled with the quality frame system will ensure first-class camping holidays.

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  • Can I Tow a Trailer Tent on My Licence?

    Drivers holding a full Category B driving licence can tow a trailer tent with no need of additional qualifications. The only exception of this rule applies to people who have passed their test after 1997 and want to tow an exceptionally large trailer tent with a heavy towcar. 

    A C1 driving licence is needed if the weight of the trailer tent and car combined exceeds 3500kg. However, few trailer tent/car combinations are likely to exceed this limit.

  • Do Trailer Tents Need an MOT?

    Just like caravans, trailer tents don’t need an MOT, but as an owner you have a responsibility to make sure your trailer tent is safe to travel on the road. An annual service is recommended to check that your tent is roadworthy and that any appliances and gas, electrical or water systems are functioning properly.

  • How Do Trailer Tents Work?

    A trailer tent is a tent that is folded compactly in a trailer and can be quickly unfolded from there and pegged to the ground. Trailer tents have a sleeping area and usually a small sitting area, some models can also come with a fitted kitchen or other optional extras. The beds are hinged to the trailer and the framework and canvas of the tent are attached so they can be easily contained within the trailer once folded.

  • What is the Best Type of Trailer Tent Winter Storage?

    Some people like to enjoy their trailer tents all year round, however, if you want to store yours over winter you can do that either outside on your drive or in your garage if you have one. Wherever you decide to store your trailer tent it’s important to make sure it’s clean, dry and folded properly to ensure it’s ready for your next trip. 

    If you’re planning on storing your trailer tent outside you might want to invest in a full-length winter cover to protect your tent from dampness and mould. You should also take out any soft furnishings and appliances before storing your tent for winter to prevent them from getting damaged.

  • Do Trailer Tents Have Breaks?

    Smaller trailer tents don’t need to have breaks whereas bigger ones must have brakes fitted. The law says that a trailer tent must have fitted breaks if its maximum permitted weight is over 750kg or the kerb weight of the vehicle towing it is less than twice the loaded weight of the trailer. 

    Heavier trailer tent models will come with brakes fitted as a standard while on smaller models they can be available as an optional extra.

  • How Fast Can you Go With a Trailer Tent?

    The legal speed limits are lower when you’re towing. On a single carriageway the maximum speed limit for towing a trailer tent is 50mph while on a dual carriageway it’s 60mph.

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