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Discover our range of new and used caravans for sale at out Venture Caravans’ branches in Hitchin and Daventry.

With vast caravan stock in at any one time, we have all kinds of caravans for sale. Whether you’re looking for a two berth caravan, a three berth caravan, a four berth caravan, a five berth caravan, or even a six berth caravan, you will find it here.

At Venture Caravans, we are an Authorised Bailey Caravan Dealer and offer the full range of Bailey caravans for sale. In addition to this, we also offer used caravans from a wide range of other manufacturers.

If you’re looking to buy a caravan, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’ve been trading since 1971 and have over 50 years’ experience in selling caravans. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Simply call our Daventry branch on 01327 703371 or our Hitchin branch on 01462 452856, and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, use the buttons below to send us a message or book an appointment.

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Caravans For Sale

We stock an extensive range of new and used caravans for sale at fantastic prices from industry leading brands, so you can rest assured that our range is aimed to provide quality, excellence and love for caravanning. Filter your search by Adria, the brand designed to perform, or Bailey known for creating perfect holidays for over 70 years, and more. We strive to offer the best prices online and at our dealerships with expert sales staff available to help kickstart your travel journeys and choose the best caravan for you and your needs. We offer flexible payment options, including caravan finance to meet your specific needs.

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  • Do You Need a Licence to Tow a Caravan?

    There is no special licence required for towing a caravan or trailer. You’re allowed to tow a caravan on your Category B car licence, permitting it meets the weight requirements.
    If your licence was issued after 19th January 2013 you’re legally allowed to tow small trailers or caravans weighing up to 750kg. If your caravan weight is over this limit, you can still be allowed to tow it as long as the combined weight of the caravan and the car towing it doesn’t exceed 3500kg.

  • Are Passengers Allowed to Ride in a Caravan Being Towed?

    Passengers are not allowed to ride in a caravan that is being towed. The main reason for this is safety. This is because they aren’t fitted with passenger seat belts so riding in a caravan is highly dangerous should it turn on its side or get in an accident. Another reason is stability. If you have somebody moving around in the back of a caravan while it’s moving, it’ll interfere with the stability of the trailer and make it harder for the driver to control the vehicle.

  • Do I Need Caravan Insurance?

    No, you’re not legally required to have insurance for your caravan. However, it’s strongly recommended because it gives you peace of mind in case you get into an accident while on the road or if your vehicle is stolen.

  • Do I Need a Second TV Licence for My Caravan?

    Caravans, boats and mobile homes are covered in your main home’s TV licence. So unless you’re planning to be watching TV from both your main address and your caravan at the same time, you won’t need a second TV licence for your caravan.

  • Does a Caravan Need an MOT?

    No, however it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the caravan is safe to be on the road. It’s recommended to service your caravan annually to check that the gas, electrical and water systems are working property and are safe to use.

  • What is the Maximum Speed for Towing a Caravan?

    When towing a caravan, you’re allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 50mph on single carriageway roads. On dual carriageways and motorways this limit is increased to 60mph, unless a lower limit is in force.

  • What is the Maximum Weight Caravan I Can Tow?

    For safety purposes it’s recommended that the fully laden weight of the caravan should be no heavier than 85% of the kerbweight of the car towing it. This is also known as the 85% rule. Keep in mind that this is not a legally enforceable rule but rather a guide.

  • What Do I Need to Tow a Caravan?

    To safely tow a caravan on the road there’s also a few regulations you should consider, the first of them being weight limitations. You must ensure the weight of the loaded caravan is within the towing limit of your vehicle. You can check your car’s towing limit in the vehicle handbook.

  • Do Caravans Have Toilets?

    Many caravans and motorhomes come with built-in toilets. They have a cassette tank which holds the waste and can be emptied when needed. The cassette can normally be removed from the outside after opening the locked panel where it’s stored.

  • How Much is a Caravan?

    How much you pay will greatly depend on the caravan you’re looking to buy. In general the bottom-end price of caravans is around £10,000 while the high-end price can go above £60,000.

  • What is the Nose Weight of My Caravan?

    The nose weight of your caravan can be found in your caravan handbook or by searching online, or contacting the manufacturer. Alternatively, if your nose weight isn’t listed you can ask your dealer to measure it while the caravan is empty. This should give you a good idea of whether or not your vehicle will be able to tow it.

  • Does a Caravan Need Road Tax?

    No, you’re not required to pay any road tax on caravans under 3,500kg. These rules apply only to touring caravans that are towed using another vehicle. If you’re operating a trailer or caravan above the mentioned weight limit or own a motorhome you will be subject to certain road tax rules depending on the size of your vehicle.

  • Are Caravan Tyres the Same as Car Tyres?

    There’s no basic difference between caravan and car tyres. They can be either cross-ply or radial-ply and you can use them as long as you don’t mix the two types on the same axle. The regulations for caravan tyres simply say that tyres must be capable of carrying the gross load of the caravan and have a tread depth of no less than 1.6mm.

  • What is a Caravan Leisure Battery?

    A leisure battery is the power source for the appliances and equipment in your caravan. Leisure batteries are designed to provide a steady level of power over a longer period of time and are used from all the lights, TV, kettle, oven or other appliances in your caravan or motorhome.

  • Should I Cover My Caravan in Winter?

    Yes, it is advised to cover your caravan in winter with a high quality breathable light caravan cover. Low and intense UV rays from the winter sun can damage not only the paintwork of your caravan but also the seals on the doors and windows. In addition, the low temperatures can damage the water or gas systems of your caravan.

  • What is a Caravan Hitch-lock?

    Hitch-locks are anti-theft devices attached to the hitch head of your caravan. The lock makes it impossible to insert a tow ball into the hitch to stop thieves from attaching your caravan to their own car and towing it away.

  • Do You Need Towing Mirrors for a Caravan?

    Contrary to what you may think, towing mirrors are essential if you’re going on holiday with your caravan. The legal requirement is for your mirrors to allow you to clearly see a 4-metre wide area from the side of your caravan at a distance of 20 metres behind the driver. Due to the fact that a caravan is much wider than a car even in a 4×4 you can’t meet this requirement unless you fit your car with towing mirrors.

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