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We are a market leading supplier of new and used motorhomes in the UK. With years of knowledge and experience in the industry, we take great pride in offering motorhomes that feature ultimate comfort, convenience and high performance. Discover motorhomes from the likes of Auto-Sleepers, Bailey, Globecar and plenty more.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first ever vehicle for unlimited holidays throughout the year, or you’d like to part exchange your existing vehicle, we have a variety of flexible options you can choose from. We’re here to make buying new or used motorhomes much easier, which is why we offer a range of affordable finance deals for you to choose from. Simply head on over to our finance page and see if you’re eligible!

Alternatively, we do also offer a sell your motorhome service, where we strive to provide competitive quotes for your beloved vehicle.

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  • What license do I need to drive a motorhome?

    The type of licence you need will depend on your age as well as the vehicle’s MAM (maximum authorised mass). This is the weight of the vehicle plus the maximum weight it can carry.  For smaller vehicles under 3,500 kg, you only need your regular car licence (category B). However, you’ll need a different category licence for a bigger sized vehicle. To drive motorhomes with a MAM between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes you’ll need a category C1 driving licence and for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C licence. 

  • How much is road tax?

    The tax rate is based on the vehicle’s gross weight (also known as revenue or maximum weight) as well as the engine size if the vehicle is under 3.5 tonnes. For private or light goods vehicles with a gross weight of 3,500 kg and an engine size under 1549cc, the annual road tax starts at £180. Vehicles with engines over 1549cc have a road tax rate of £295 for 12 months. The annual road tax for private heavy goods vehicles with a gross weight over 3,500 kg is £165. 

  • Can you go in the fast lane?

    Motorhomes carrying a weight of 3.5 tonnes or less are allowed to drive in the fast lane on dual carriageways and the outside lane of motorways. Motorhomes with a weight exceeding this limit may overtake in the fast lane but only if they’re fitted with a speed limiter. If you’re towing a trailer with a motorhome, you’re prohibited from using the outside lane at all. 

  • Can you park them on the street?

    In most cases you can park your motorhome on the street. This is because they are considered as vehicles that are licensed and inspected to operate on city streets which means they can be parked there. However, how long you can have it parked on the street will depend on local township ordinances and authorities.

    The rules also change if you’re sleeping in the vehicle or just parking it there. In some areas overnight street parking may not be allowed or you have to pay a special permit. In other cases parking on the street may be forbidden overall. This usually applies to narrow city streets or one-way streets.

  • How much is insurance?

    The insurance is calculated based on various factors. No two policies are identical even for the same model vehicle. Everything from the size of your motorhome to your experience as a driver, the age of the vehicle, any added extras and even where you park it at night can all factor into the final quote. To get an idea about how much you’ll be spending on insurance, we would recommend putting the model and specifications into an insurance comparison site. 

  • What class MOT is a motorhome?

    MOTs range from Class 1 to 7 depending on the size and type of the vehicle. Motorhomes are classified as Class 4, as long as they have a maximum of 8 passengers. Vehicles over 3 tonnes require a Class 7 MOT.

  • What is a class A motorhome?

    Class A is the most prestigious category of motorhomes. They’re considered luxury vehicles and come with considerably more interior space. 

    What really makes them stand out is their heavy-duty chassis, as well as the better layout and more available space. Class A motorhomes are better suited for road living or extended trips which makes them a better choice for travelling with the family. The extra space generally means better facilities such as bigger showers and toilets, additional storage space and extra beds. 

    Other typical features of A-Class motorhomes can include: 

    – Full kitchen

    – Self-contained bathroom

    – Integrated cabin

    – Fully equipped interior

    – Fridges and other appliances 

  • Can I fit extra seatbelts?

    Yes, it’s possible and legal to fit additional seat belts. Older motorhomes (manufactured before 2007) are often produced with no rear seatbelts, so if you’re looking at buying an older vehicle and want to make it more safe, you can fit extra seat belts in the back. We do recommend, however, that you don’t try to do this yourself and get a professional to fit the seatbelts as this is no easy job.  

  • Where do you empty the toilet?

    Chemical toilets must be emptied in a specifically designated place. You should never empty your chemical toilet anywhere else other than at the designated area at a service point, campsite or in your own sewage at home. 

  • Can you live in a motorhome in the UK?

    Yes. There are no laws stopping you doing so as long as your vehicle is fully road legal and has passed its MOT. You might, however, want to consider where you’ll be parking overnight while you sleep. In most towns you can park in a driveway as long as you have permission from the homeowner and even sleep in it for a few days, however, if it’s a long-term situation it then becomes illegal. 

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